Here is a rough outline to give an indication of the turn of events on the 26th of October:

9:15 Doors open
10:00 Welcome speech by the committee
10:30 Test session
11:15 Lunch with company market
12:30 Q&A
13:00 Contest
18:15 Drinks & Award Ceremony
19:30 Diner


The BAPC 2013 will take place in Utrecht, Netherlands. The competition will be held at the University of Utrecht on the Uithof (link takes you to Google Maps). We will welcome you at 09:15 in the morning at the Minnaert building.


By car

We expect you to have some kind of navigation system, travel to Leuvenlaan 4, Utrecht. Parking is possible nearby the Minnaert building (as is to be seen in the picture). Parking costs 1 euro for the entire day.

By public transport

You need a OV Chipkaart to travel in the Netherlands, day cards can be bought at Utrecht Centraal. The route after Utrecht Centraal is quite easy, take bus 11 to the stop "Botanische Tuinen". This should take about 20 minutes. The Minnaert Building should be visible from the busstop.


The rules for the contest can be downloaded here (41KB, pdf).

Programming languages

Languages supported at the BAPC are: C#, C, C++, C++11, Haskell and Java. Please bear in mind that at the NWERC only C, C++ and Java are supported.


Our systems are updated versions of Debian Wheezy. The following editors or IDE's are installed: Vim, leafpad, Geany, Emacs, Eclipse, NetBeans & MonoDevelop.

The following compilation scripts are available for the supported languages

C gcc (v4.7.2) gcc 4.7.2: gcc -Wall -O2 -static -pipe -lm $1 -o $2 mygcc
C++ g++ (v4.7.2) g++ -Wall -O2 -static -pipe -std=c++11 $1 -o $2 myg++
C# dmcs (v2.10.8.1) dmcs -o+ -out:"$2" "$1" mydmcs
Java OpenJDK (6b27-1.12.6) javac -d . $1 myjavac
Haskell ghc (7.4.1) ghc -Wall -Wwarn -O -static -optl-static -optl-pthread $1 -o $2 myghc

We will use the DOMjudge programming contest jury system.

Example exercises

If you are looking for some exemplary exercises to give your brain a tease before coming to Utrecht, just download this little ZIP (2,7KB) for the puzzles of 2012.


The BAPC is a preliminary for a larger, North West European contest; the NWERC. More information on the rules of the NWERC are to be found here.

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