This year's contest is organised by 6 enthousiastic students from Utrecht University:

Marten Spoor - Chairman
Stef van Gogh - Secretary
Jonathan Lukkien - Treasurer
Rutger Kerkhoff - Commissioner Intern
Geertièn de Vries - Commissioner Extern
Joran Minjon - Commissioner Sponsoring

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The assignments in the contest are created by the jury. The jury consists of people who are well known (or should be well known) in the world of algorithmics. They will think of some wicked ways to test your programming skills.

Thijs Marinussen - Chairman
Thomas Beuman
Pieter Bootsma
Jeroen Bransen
Stijn Duijzer
Tigran Gasparian
Bas den Heijer
Ruud Koot
Jeroen van Wolffelaar


To help us with the technical aspects of the organisation, we get the help from a couple of guys who know exactly what all those green lines in the background mean. They live in the matrix.

Rob van de Werken
Willem den Besten
Johan Dorland
Leon Oostrum

Balloon girls

If you get an assignment right, you get a balloon. The balloons will be delivered right to your table by one of our lovely assistants. Do not let them distract you ;)

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